Media one-sided bias re Charlottesville is contributing to social hysteria


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I am absolutely flabbergasted at the extent of the mainstream media bias — including at Fox News — and most of Twitter related to the riots in Charlottesville, Virginia yesterday.

All day and all night long TV commentators and Twitter left- wingers tried to turn the horrendous events that happened there to only be about the Unite the Right racist supremacists.

I mean, every guest Fox could get on in a hurry tried to blame President Trump for daring to say that both sides were wrong and full of hate. I mean, even some Republicans, like Marco Rubio, tried to tell the President, not only exactly what he should have said, word for word, but how he should have said it.

Well, the President was right. There were two sides in the wrong in Charlottesville. For proof, take a quick look at a few of the headings on this Google so-called news page:

  • How a White Nationalist Rally Turned Violent,
  • Man Charged With Murder at Neo-Nazi Rally, and
  • White Nationalist Rally Sparks Violent Clashes.

All of it one-sided. Then, there is a video at Rebel Media with Faith Goldy that shows a very different narrative. In fact, I just happened to be watching her video on my cell phone using a LIVE App when it all happened.

Plus, today, I found a number of videos at this @polNewsForever Twitter account. The truth is in the videos. While I certainly don’t agree with the Alt-Right racists, they were marching peacefully. The real problem was when Alt-Right participants had to pass through BLM and the Alt-Left fascists Antifa.

Which begs the question: Why are the U.S. and Canadian media not condemning the Leftist Antifa as much as the Right Nationalists?

And where were the police in Charlottesville? Were they told to step down as the police were in Berkeley, California riot — only to then appear when the car went into the crowd and people were hurt?

Look, I am a Canadian, with American friends and relatives, who pays attention to what is going on in the U.S. So, I am aware that the U.S. is split down the middle politically. I can see clearly, from this distance, that a civil war is brewing because the media are only spinning one narrative. The crux of the matter is that such spinning gives the progressives the mistaken belief that they are in the majority. They are not.


Heather Heyer is the young woman who died from her injuries after a car deliberately ran into her and others in Charlotteville. At this point, it appears to have been one of the White Supremacists but we don’t know for sure as there were plenty of Antifa and BLM there as well.  No matter who killed her and injured so many others, they are domestic terrorists. But, many of the comments on the Facebook and Twitter pages honouring Heyer do not actually honour her because they blame Trump for enabling all the hate in Charlotteville yesterday. Which is just as uncalled for as it would have been to blame President Obama when five police officers were gunned down in Texas last year by BLM protestors.

Unfortunately, as I said in my post above, all this divisiveness only confirms my concern that a civil war is brewing in the U.S. particularly when I hear certain Democratic congress members call for impeaching Trump. Just what would that do? To get a hint, they need only to look at the November 8th electoral map to see reality. 

Beware America, your media & Democrats undertaking quiet Coup D’etat

In my opinion, it is not over-reacting to say the liberal media in the United States, in conjunction with the Democratic Party, are not just poor losers, they are subversives. They are, in fact, instigating a quiet coup d’ etat.

I mean, from November 9th, 2016, the day after the U.S. election, until now, the American liberal media (e.g., the New York Times, the Washington Post, MSNBC, CNN) have been continuously anti-Trump — apart from a day or so after the President’s speech in Congress and the bombing in Syria.

Russia, Russia, Russia, 24/7. We read and hear constantly that it was the Russians’ fault that Trump won the election. How? Since voting machines were never hacked and, in fact, never hooked up to the Internet, how did the Russians ensure Trump won?

In fact, as Molly Hemingway writes, the Democrats and their liberal media reaction is actually delusional. However, delusional or not, there is danger to U.S. democracy. Tell a lie long enough and people begin to accept it as the truth. In fact, if you read Twitter, there are hundreds of thousands of Americans who now seem to believe that erroneous, twisted narrative.

Then, on top of the “Russians did it” narrative, the U.S. liberal media have been spinning that the Trump campaign was in collusion with the Russians during the election. Of course, no one has ever defined what collusion would look like and or how interactions might have been unlawful, just that collusion would prove treason — which would give the Democrats the reason to try to impeach the President.

Now, however, since impeachment in the Congress would require some Republican votes, the U.S. liberal media and their Democrat supporters, are resorting to having a Constitutional crisis using the 25th Amendment to push their “get rid of Trump” agenda — which allows for the removal of a President or Vice President should they become disabled in some way and unfit to govern. That strategy, one assumes, is in case the Robert Meuller investigation doesn’t result in anything.

For any American who reads this post, let me tell you — pay attention. This is not nonsense. For ten years, the Harper Conservative Government in Canada did an excellent job of governing the country. Yet, the Canadian media went after a Conservative Senator (Mike Duffy) in order to bring Harper down with as much venom, persistence, innuendo and distortion as the U.S. media is doing going after Trump.

Unfortunately, in the end, the Canadian media won. During the 2015 federal election, they trashed Mr. Harper (via what was happening in the Mike Duffy trial) at every opportunity, mostly with lies and exaggerations. In fact, they pushed that negative narrative to such an extent, while praising the Justin Trudeau Liberals, that the Liberals won a majority government.

Were the Canadian media right? Are the Trudeau Liberals preferable? No, they are not. In fact, they are less accountable and less transparent than the Conservatives were! But, are the Canadian media holding Trudeau and his caucus to account? For the most part, no they are not. Rather, the Canadian liberal media are spending most of their time obsessing over Mr. Trump.

In my opinion, then, the crux of the matter is that Americans need to do whatever they can — through paid ads and press conferences — to counteract the false narratives being pushed by the U.S. liberal media and the Democrats because make no mistake about it, as John Steele Gordon and others have said, there is no doubt that there is a quiet coup d’etat underway in the United States of America.

Will MSM admit that former business partner says Steve Bannon good person?

Click for Hollywood Reporter credits.

For the record, Jeff Kwatinetz, a former business partner of President Donald Trump’s senior adviser Steve Bannon, says that Bannon is neither racist nor anti-Semite.

In fact, Kwatinetz, a staunch Hollywood liberal, goes so far as to say that Bannon is not only smart and committed to whatever he does, but he has great character as well.

So, will any in the mainstream media, like the New York Times, Washington Post, CNBC or CNN, who continually denounce Bannon, admit this truth? I doubt it.

Which is why I am writing about it because every positive link under his name on the search engines can counteract the lies and exaggerations.

For example, read this Hollywood Reporter column by Paul Bond. In it Kwatinetz says (paraphrased):

  • Yes, its true Bannon is smart;
  • Yes, it is true Bannon is arrogant;
  • Yes, it is true that Bannon is rich; and
  • And, yes, it is true that Bannon is a conservative.

But, contrary to so much of what we have heard and read, Kwatinetz has never heard Bannon raise his voice or lose his temper.

Is Bannon perfect? Of course not, since none of us are. But, all the hyped epithets we have heard about Bannon, like racist and anti-Semite, are obviously pure fiction. Bond quotes Kwatinetz as saying:

But as a liberal, I don’t judge people on their politics, I judge them on their character, and from what I knew then and what I know now, Steve has great character. He’s not a racist or anti-Semitic….[In fact,] I am absolutely positive that he’s not anti-Semitic or racist. It is absurd. I am Jewish, Roy Furman was Jewish, Andrew Breitbart was Jewish. He is not anti-Semitic. Period.

Well, we have seen this kind of character assassination before. Canada’s former PM Stephen Harper had to put up with endless untruths. He was allegedly a controller, mean, spiteful, corrupt, a liar, blah blah blah. None of it true. Canadian Conservatives called it Harper Derangement Syndrome — a social and media phenomenon that seems to have moved, unfortunately, across the 49th parallel to the U.S.

The crux of the matter is that the public, particularly conservatives, whether in the United States or Canada, have reason to mistrust most of what the media says or writes about Harper or, in 2017, President Trump and his senior officials like Bannon. Sad really.